About us

We see people taking control of computers. To harness the potentials of that little machine on your desk and have it save you time while doing life’s many chores. Unfortunately, when technology moves at such a rapid pace, it’s the people that often get left behind. We are here to bridge that gap.

Masscomp Technology (Masscomp) was established in April 2003. Masscomp is a Bumiputera Company that provide services in Consult, Design, Install and Support computer networks and security. Being an IT company positioning itself in the fast growing Internet and Multimedia driven markets, Masscomp is also focusing on servicing, troubleshooting your PC system direct to your office and providing products and solutions related to Internet and Multimedia based technologies.

With the motto of “Solve Your IT Problems In Minutes”, Masscomp is committed to realizing its mission through the provision of various products, services and solution innovatively employing and applying the Internet, Software, PC peripherals and Multimedia technologies. We create value to our clients by leveraging integrated Internet and Multimedia solutions to meet specific business requirement and challenges.

We typically serve small to medium sized organizations in the Klang Valley region. The average SMB organization has limited IT resources available to them. Normally there is little or no on staff IT professionals and our goal is to provide these businesses with access to skilled IT pro resources when and how they need them.

Currently, Masscomp has a strong workforce on technical system with combined strength, skills and capabilities to fulfill the client requirements.