Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Hard drives are among the most common types of storage media requiring data recovery. However, there are many other forms of electronic, optical, and magnetic storage media that can become damaged or corrupted. Data recovery is generally considered to be the last resort when all other attempts to retrieve the data have been exhausted.

What causes data loss?

Data recovery may become necessary for a wide variety of reasons, but generally the failure can be categorized as resulting from physical damage or logical corruption.

Physical Damage

•Moisture contact or penetration

•Exposure to extreme temperatures

•Variations in humidity

•Shock or force sustained

•Defective mechanical or electronic components

•Spike or surge in power source

•Degrading read/write heads

Logical Corruption

•File System formatted

•Operating System reinstalled

•Files deleted or recycled

•Software (ScanDisk, CheckDisk, Defrag)

•Virus intrusion

•Broken or corrupted RAID array configuration

Data recovery costs can vary depending on the type of storage media, severity of damage, specialty parts, and turn around time required. We have solutions starting at RM350.

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