Computer Service

Masscomp focuses on providing comprehensive computer repair services without all the "geek speak".

Once we show you what we find, we will provide you with the best solution to fix your entire system which includes:

•Spyware & Adware Removal

•Virus & Worm Removal

•Identity-Stealing Trojan Removal

•Registry Cleanup for Faster Boot-up Times

•De-Fragmentation of Your Hard Drive for Quicker access

•Clear Out Excess Temporary Files from Internet Surfing

•Clean Out Dust and Grime Buildup

•Test All Hardware Devices (CD-ROM, Sound, etc.)

•Update Windows with the latest Security patches

•Update Your Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Firewall and other security programs

•Explain How to Keep Your System Maintained

•Explain How to Avoid Re-infecting Your Computer

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular, especially for businesses and organizations. A lot of enterprises are shifting to the clouds because it offers a lot of benefits. 

Cloud Computing can boost productivity: Cloud computing has impacted everything from agriculture to education and it offers retrieval of information from anywhere, anytime. Many businesses are bullish about the uptake of cloud technologies. Particularly, it is great time for small businesses to consider cloud computing. It has turned attractive to small and medium- sized enterprises because with cloud computing they could cater the additional demand from their IT setup onto the cloud while paying only for usage and saving hundreds of dollars for being unencumbered by the load of operation and management.

With cloud computing, SMEs no longer have to maintain software and servers on their premises. There is no need to employ highly technical personnel to maintain the IT infrastructure. Cloud computing is all about owning less and accomplishing more.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of recovering data from storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Hard drives are among the most common types of storage media requiring data recovery. However, there are many other forms of electronic, optical, and magnetic storage media that can become damaged or corrupted. Data recovery is generally considered to be the last resort when all other attempts to retrieve the data have been exhausted.

What causes data loss?

Data recovery may become necessary for a wide variety of reasons, but generally the failure can be categorized as resulting from physical damage or logical corruption.

Physical Damage

•Moisture contact or penetration

•Exposure to extreme temperatures

•Variations in humidity

•Shock or force sustained

•Defective mechanical or electronic components

•Spike or surge in power source

•Degrading read/write heads

Logical Corruption

•File System formatted

•Operating System reinstalled

•Files deleted or recycled

•Software (ScanDisk, CheckDisk, Defrag)

•Virus intrusion

•Broken or corrupted RAID array configuration

Data recovery costs can vary depending on the type of storage media, severity of damage, specialty parts, and turn around time required. We have solutions starting at RM350.

Remote Office Connectivity

In today's business environment it is critical to be able to share information quickly whether it is between offices or while your employees are on the road. Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is the most effective way to achieve this connectivity while staying secure. Whatever your needs- connecting multiple office locations or accessing data while on vacation, Masscomp can offer you secure access to all of your applications and information from anywhere, at any time.

For more information about how Virtual Private Networking or Remote Office Connectivity can improve your business, please contact us.

Automated Data Backup

"A hard drive crashes every 15 seconds."

"31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control."

"60% of companies that lose all their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster."

"The overall average failure rate of disk drives is 100% - all drives eventually fail."

The Good News:


100% of all data loss is PREVENTABLE!

Be proactive with your technology to reduce risk and save money!

Are you protected from the most common causes of data loss?




•Employee Sabotage

•Equipment Failure

•Human Error

•Power Surges

We will work with you to identify points of failure and develop a pro-active plan to reduce the chances of your business being impacted by a data disaster.

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